Wednesday, March 6, 2013

An Abundance of Mythologies

The Echo of What Remains Collected Poems of Wanda Lea Brayton

                              — Inspired by Mary Oliver's poem "Mysteries, Yes"

An abundance of mythologies will waver behind our eyes, 
a constant mirage we might not heed until it is too late
to relish water's rising into blameless clouds.

We are but shorn sheep dwelling within dry pastures,
savoring false memories of delicate fruit.

Those who claim to have the answers are often deluded,
and the deluded offer questions in lieu of instinctive kneeling 
beneath a harsh, yet nurturing sun.

We shall be cleansed by a stripping away of mortal pride,
an acceptance of rejuvenating rain - 

humility comes to somber soil before we may ascend 
beyond fierce winds that move only dust,
etch mighty stones with ancient determination.