Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Sea Inside

— Inspired by the book "Letters from Hell" by Ramon Sampredo
    and the movie "The Sea Inside" starring Javier Bardem

Beyond this splintered window, night's palms are spread open,
patiently waiting to gather these unclaimed silences;
murmurs too quiet could not reach intended ears aching for any low moan,
a single sound to stop them from a shattering too inevitable to speak of aloud,
the fluted, fluttered breath of beloved words from cherished lips,
unable to form necessary shapes and cast loose these nets
which would entangle us all within eternity's succulent, soothing tides,
movements of grace remiss.

How deep, this dimming of light, of hope,
of unexpected bursts of laughter forsaken by moments lost
to an unknown aegis.

How wide the breach between two souls,
bridges left unbuilt, flags left unfurled, an unwanted divergence.

Each life seeks its aperture of opportunity, a bright renaissance,
then forgets to leap as they stand there, frozen in sudden awe -
the window must be shuttered against a coming storm,
a resolution of drawn shades, curtains pulled to keep out
the wan approach of darkness.

The generous gap now resilient, sealed from promise,
they cannot listen to the distant foghorn, replete with plaintive tones;
they can only imagine the crescendo
of a beacon struggling through thickened clouds.

They cannot envision sand swirling,
composed of what were once ancient mountains,
woven with cracked shells bartered and emptied of innocence.
They close their eyes, wondering at salt water
pouring from beneath folded edges of their rippled flesh,
an arcane proviso left unsigned -
but not by the wind.