Friday, October 19, 2012

it shall always be so

Inspired by e.e. cummings' poem "it may not always be so"

It shall always be so, thusly and evermore, 
that the skies will lift their clouded skirts and rain 
will cover your face with honeyed sweetness and light 
even when I am away from your fervent and solemn touch. 

When my mouth craves your words, I shall swallow this judgment 
without remorse, without dismay, obsequious and mild 
as a setting sun's weary descent absconds with the horizon. 

We are and shall always be so, thusly and evermore, 
even when the poles shift and gravity disappears 
and we take flight into space, fingers locked tightly 
with love glistening in the smallness between us. 

Doubt is not a word I utter anymore, 
now that you've filled my world 

with your omniscient presence, 
your brutal beauty.