Friday, October 19, 2012

Endurance: for Edna St. Vincent Millay

Sadness is a wilder storm
from which there is such sparse shelter -
we cannot shiver beneath the broad boughs of an imposing tree,
knowing it may split and tumble to earth.

We may attempt to hide
inside our shuttered rooms,
but it will seek to engulf us
within its dark and massive shroud.

It is a sea both teased and taunted by tempest,
eased by no single trembling hand -
it may only be endured until its raging currents
become calm again, of its own volition.

Play gentle music to soothe such sorrow, if you will -
yet, know that tears may soon follow
its variant rhythms
long after the song is through.

Strength is your only defense,
even as your spirit seems to weaken -
be patient, for the sun shall alight once more
and erase shadows from this decrepit face of mourning.