Saturday, October 20, 2012


Inspired by the poem "So Like A Woman" by Carol Desjarlais

she bends low, curving into darkness
overflowing with dreams she cannot seem to find
when day is too bright and bold within her eyes

her unmistakable courage will lead you forward -
her tenacity is legendary, 
her laughter, endearing as a child's - 
but her tears will fracture your heart

gently part the petals of her mouth with a tender whisper
and you shall find an immense strength of roots 
tethered to soil from which she lifts with graceful fragrance

once a wounded butterfly,
she mended her fragile wings by starlight, by will alone
so she might soar again on wind's rising song

forgive her nothing
for she has not trespassed among you

she has only drifted by, 
a clear, cool stream, so sweet for savoring 
should you happen to come near her banks in your journeys;
listen closely

she is guilty of nothing
save beauty

she is woman
anticipating her man

low moans sink beneath the folds of her flesh,
bearing hollowed-out places waiting only to be filled
with quiet song