Friday, October 19, 2012


Inspired by the novel, "Eat Pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert

Moments may lodge in the tightening of our throats, 
separated from sound; only a murmur comes,
or a moan, a sudden silence speaking volumes
never written or recorded in any language,
save that of a heart swelling, bursting its banks,
stunned into a precious pause that has no definition,
no borders etched on any map.

They can be seen in languishing gestures, 
coiled inside cloaked shadows caused by a trembling hand 
that reaches out, stops midway between here and where it meant to go, 
then bravely goes on, gathering those same shadows 
into something that finally makes sense.

They cannot be discerned under a sterile microscope,
nor viewed through a stargazer's eyes - they must be experienced
as an individual fragment of time that ceases to move, seen only
through the latticed whisper of a butterfly's stilled wing, 
a portion of song given only to you only by the glistening smile 
of a unanimous universe - there. Right there. 
Just before you blinked.