Tuesday, May 28, 2013

uncharted waters, unseen shores

a sapphiric ache surges within,
brilliant fires arching just beneath the surface
where dark memories linger, 
their syrup rich with shadows and light

unspoken agonies, untrilled joys
push against each other, seeking space,
merging where time fractures
into less than a lifetime,
more than a moment

innocence and wisdom woven together
as the child recognizes the experienced adult
and the adult acknowledges the adamantine child

so many soliloquies remain unanswered,
interior monologues cast aloft into night's unfurled sky —
only darkness believes the shallows and depths

where were we then?
          where did we think we were going?
                  where are we now?

there are wounds to prove the path,
deeper cuts stitched together to bind the whole 
into something more than random pieces 
wound around a skeletal frame's raw echo, 
a solid place made buoyant by liquid tides

where beauty, laughter and tears swell into ascension,
where sorrow, bowed heads and loss dwell below descent

we exhale those dreams unspent, those visions left unveiled