Friday, May 10, 2013

poem for Elisa

                                                      — picture from Google images

your door opens to dawn;
soft light pours like translucent milk 
through lace curtains 

as jasmine murmurs in the foyer,
a gentle invitation to enter

your architecture is solid,
fluidity with angles and curves,
a swirl of both water and air,
a declaration of fire and earth

a reminiscence of ripe plums 
rests upon your bedside table,
still waiting to be savored

fingers spread and palms raised,
as though containing an invisible gift
gathered from the morning's tide

watching through your upstairs window,
the shore below reveals a mandala created within the mist, 
a horizon of pastel memories beyond our grasp

wind catches wings of a thousand paper cranes
as sky unfolds,

a new day shimmers with slender sighs,
whispers of long ago and far away

you bend toward a distant sound remembered,
your hair covering your eyes,

wet almonds glistening as they recall 
the promise of lilies floating lazily, 
their reflections pallid beneath a descending sun