Thursday, January 21, 2016

navigator — for darcy (onerios13)

your shining almond eyes
consumed every peach in the orchard
without ever bending a bough 

everything you'd ever need
fell gently into your hands
curled contented at your feet
lingered long within your heart

sunrise caught you wide awake and dreaming 
moonlight streamed through your fingers
creating beauty from an empty page

warm currents surrounded you
summoning your seductive smile
wind and water reaching 
for your inevitable shores

you were your own planet
discovering unknown galaxies
we were your satellites
drifting in apogee

tossing starseeds at us
you'd laugh
a solemn memory still resonant 
within this wilderness

boldly echoing throughout day's eternity
murmuring deep inside this infinity of night

a delightful song in the making
a brilliant story still waiting to be told