Monday, November 18, 2013

A Full Year - A Compilation of Poems

A Full Year
by Wanda Lea Brayton

Oh, fragile heart where shadows fade
and light's arc comes into view,
Love cannot be a mistake we made
nor a dalliance which we'd rue.

Has it actually been so long, my dear?
Has time eased the crease from your brow?
It's hard to say it's been a full year
since leaves fell finally from your bough.

My thoughts I wish you knew, sweet one,
for petals keep their fragrance even now.
Tears I'd not weep or I'd come undone,
form and fall, yet I know not how.

Your face is not forgotten, Love,
nor the tenderness of your hand.
Your presence swirls with grace above —
not here, beneath the land.

I shall not mourn soil's embrace
of what was never meant to be —
I will only smile when I retrace
each precious memory.

~ For Jalil (February 20, 1959 - November 15, 2012)


Excerpt from: Short Story (poem)
by Wanda Lea Brayton 

Such an inspiration---
what a sensation
I get when your spell is cast;
Your eyes do not know
how they haunt my sleep,
how they shine when sleep is past.

My eyes seek and find your grace;
My mind's disjointed---out of place---
Coldly severed from Time's embrace;
Ah, fool who feels that spirits meet,
rise up together---strong, Elite---
sparks combined give off needed heat.

The moon speaks softly in my ear;
whispers, "There's no need to fear
the passing of another year;
Seeds tossed casually, then left alone,
have struggled wildly, but have grown---
It is a secret I have known
and kept
and touched, in awe,
while others slept."

        — June 1980 


Faith Flourishes (1988)
by Wanda Lea Brayton

Flowers bloom in dreams of peace
They inspire the soul to shine
Vivid vision will not cease
For its mission is divine.


by Wanda Lea Brayton
(Written approx. 1983)

Because these scented shades of your soul 
beckon me to sing between these lines, 
I never run out of things to say to you, 
only words to say them. 

Emotions run rampant within this waking dream 
and leave me gasping in frustrated silence. 

My heart attempts speech - 
my soul searches for its voice - 
yet, I become mute with desire. 

The language of the mind is inadequate
when the eyes long to reveal
what the universe compels them to believe.

I cannot be forever restrained by this lack of knowledge - 
some day, some way, the body's prose will be heard... 
and you will hear what I cannot seem to say. 


Solo Symphony 
by Wanda Lea Brayton
(Written approx. 1982)

Leaves fall in your eyes when Autumn is gone - 
you refuse to conform your bloom to Spring. 

You are a radiant moon, 
promising night the guidance you give. 

I am not unaware of the burden 
of the sky upon your weary shoulders,

but it is only dark when the sun retreats - 

when the light abounds, 
how can you grieve so silently? 

How can you determine
the worth of one day 
by the events of a thousand before?