Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Love Answers Pablo's Grief: Inspired by Neruda

Your sad eyes weep, sweet salt flowing upon my flesh 
as rain is softened by the fall; as dusk descends, 
it covers the mountains with remnants of fire.

Your melancholy takes root, lifting my boughs in its wind.

We could never lose this moment, as it is enshrined 
deeply within our hearts, my Love - how can you not know the truth 
of this gift, these everlasting memories which shall not tarnish or fade?

Our reminiscences of this day, this night, become currency we shall not spend 
frivolously, even in our diminishing years. I am never far away from you, 
never disappearing into the mist that surrounds you as you moan.

I shall gather your hands to my breast so you might feel its thrum, 
the constant rhythms of one who pulses near you, who remains within your sight 
if you will only raise your head, turn your eyes outward, draw me closer 
than your sorrow.Your blue sweater is wrapped around my shoulders 
as I pull you into a warm, liquid embrace - a river, surrendering itself to the sea. 

The shore may be hidden by the fog, but it is there, Beloved. 

We are standing on its fluent, moving currents, our feet planted 
in sodden sand, shimmering sculptures of quiet rhapsodies unveiled;
we shall not sink below the surface - our unfurled wings shall keep us afloat 
as we murmur within these slow waves of song.